Monday, October 17, 2011


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Fairtax Hilarious "Dare to Compare" Calculator  Fraud.

The calculator won't let you compare anything.  They designed it that way. 

That's right. As we show below, Fairtax clever fraud is even in their calculator.  They do not allow you to know what they tax, which is the same hustle in the books, videos, and speeches.


Fairtax spent over 50,000 dollars on this "calculator"  that they want you to fill out to prove how wonderful Fairtax is.

That's right, according to their own web site, Fairtax calculator proves how great their plan is, they will show you how much you save!

They had the fairtax calculator  link on every page -- every page -- of their online hustle. 

We exposed the overall hustle of Fairtax here Fairtax Hustler exposed

Very quickly, they took those links down -- the ones on every page, to their "calculator" trick.

Sounds great right?   Just like Fairtax sounds great.

We used their calculator.   Seemed very official.

Very smart.   They asked about tuition and savings, interest rates.  Wow.  Used products.

But then we noticed -- they did not ask what you consumed that's taxed.   The only way to know what your fairtax is, is to know your taxable consumption.

They would not allow you to put that in.

   Fairtax sounds great though -- just like     the calculator fraud made Fairtax look       great.     

My name is Mark Curran, and I was a Fairtax sucker. I loved Fairtax -- till I found out it  was  fraud.


For millions of people, their fed taxes under Fairtax would be absurdly high.  A person making 20,000 dollars, could be taxed 50,000 dollars.

Can a person making 20K pay 50K in fed taxes?  No. Should they be forced to, somehow? No.

Here is side by side comparison of a person making 55K, with these expenditures.  All personal expenditures are taxed,  and the person using any goods or services are liable personally. Fairtax math is based on this clever word game. 

This couple had income of 55K.  But they had cancer issues, and the wife needed 156K worth of surgery and chemo.  That's all taxed, without exception.

It does not matter to Fairtax if they borrowed the 158K for cancer care, or had saved it, or even if insurance paid it.   They are personally responsible, says HR25.    Remember, the math is based on them paying nearly 36K in fed taxes, just on that cancer care.

Look at all their other expenditures -- again, it does not matter if they had saved the money, or found the money, or even if they owed the money as a debt.  Per Fairtax tax revenue tables -- what they project as received cash for the government, all people, all cities, all counties, pay 23% tax on all expenditures.

City county and states are very special kind of "people" according to Fairtax, which have to pay that 23% tax on wage, pension, capital expenditures,  much of that in advance.   OF course, Fairtax hustlers are not even going to try to make a calculator for that, they did all they could to keep the public from learning of those massive taxes. 

If Fairtax had used a calculator, instead of the deception below, you would have seen Joe would owe over 100% of his income, in taxes.

That would be rare, but not that rare.  Everyone has high medical consumption at some time.  All medical consumption is taxed, without exception. 

But almost everyone would have drastically higher taxes under Fairtax.   And they never show you a side by side version, using a real example.   They just show you some tax on lunch or a jacket.

Fairtax math depends on that.


Go use their calculator first, if you'd like.    See if you can spot the fraud.



Last chance to try it yourself, here is the link again:


-- They do not allow you  to enter anything at all about  your taxable consumption.

Fairtax is a tax on your consumption.   Not just retail consumption, but much more.

Cancer surgery -- taxed. All health care consumption is taxed. All kinds of things. 

You are not allowed to put in anything that matters.  Not. One.  Thing. 



STEP ONE:  They ask for Joe's income,  though that does not matter.

 Okay.  To "compare"  I guess we would need it.  

Joe enters the information.  Joe made 54K


The calculator  asked for Joe's mortgage.

Your mortgage does not matter.


They ask  for Joe's investments.  

Investments do not matter.  But let's put it in, anyway.



They ask for tuition and other household details -- like used goods

Used goods and tuition are not taxed.  

Very few things are not taxed, oddly, those are the things they had you put in the "calculator".






Notice anything?   They did not tell you Joe's Fairtax.

Joe did not give them any information that could possibly determine his federal tax. 

They did not allow Joe to put in any information, whatsoever, that matter.   

There is no way for anyone, of any income, or of any consumption level, to have a clue what their fed tax would be, using this "calculator".

Someone could have zero taxes -- but there is no way to know, from this calculator. 

Rent is taxed.  They didn't ask about rent. 

 Food is taxed -- not a question about food.

Surgery, electricity, cable, phone expenditures -- all taxed.  

Not one question.

Not one question on ANYTHING that is taxed. Not one.

Yet -- they gave some razzle dazzle about savings.  "BOTTOM LINE" savings!   



Consider this -- they did this, deliberately, and at great cost. They have three different "calculators" all using exactly the same trick.

Think that was accidental?  Really?



Joe would need to list his "consumption," because Fairtax is a consumption tax. 30% tax on all consumption. 

We list his consumption:

Joe's Tax is 57, 000 dollars 

That's based on 23% of his taxable consumption.

Everything in that -- from clothes to new furniture to health care  is taxed.  There are no exceptions.   WE used 23% in this, but actually it's 30%.  Regardless, Joe would owe huge taxes, because he consumed a lot.

Doesn't matter if Joe saved money to pay it, borrowed money.  It only matters that he consumed a good or service.

Yes, cancer surgery is taxed.

Even without surgery -- Joe's federal taxes would be over 20,000, almost triple what they were before Fairtax.

See this - without surgery.


 Do your own "Fairtaxes" -- if you know all your consumption. 

You will quickly see, a 23% tax is very very high, much higher than you pay now, especially if you have medical issues.



The point is NOT how high Joe's federal tax would be. ttle.


Much of Fairtax taxes, are taxes on city county and states. 

And of course, Fairtax calculator never let Joe or anyone put that in.

City and states are not given a calculator, of course.   Those taxes are in the fine print -- and math.  Fairtax would not present a calculator for them to use. That would be too obvious.


I offer 50,000 dollars for anyone to prove Fairtax is  not a fraud -- simply by showing one page of that 22 million dollars of research Fairtax claimed they did on this "very simple" personal retails sales tax to replace all other fed taxes in revenue neutral way.

 See details  CLICK HERE

Seriously -- if you have 22 million dollars of research, and you can't show one page?  That's a pretty good indication, its a fraud.

BTW --  you wont see any Fairtax hustler putting money up.

 I've offered this for five years. 

They can donate it charity, if they want. Why won't they show one page of research, that 22 million? You can donate it to charity!

So show one page of research, per the details in the link above.